Digital Asset Which You Can Control

Expert in Storage, Security, Compliance and Custody Solution 

for Multi-CryptoCurrency


Multi-Cryptocurrency Storage Platform

100+ Mainstream Cryptocurrencies support by DACB platform

Why DACB Platform

All-in-One Wallet
​Could Wallet & multi-signature security and HD for financial privacy

100% cold storage technology in bank-grade vaults powered by Mount10 - Market leader in Data Defence

​Extreme High Secure
Quick and Simple Integration

Available through the web and a single unified API

Omni-directional Functionalities

For various business usage, including exchanges, payment startups, funds, lending platforms, DApps, etc.


About DACB

DACB Wallet Platform is the market leader to provide personal/institutional cryptocurrency financial services, cryptocurrency wallet and custody solutions with supporting over thirty different coins, 700 tokens, and an integrated DApp store along the way.

Digital Asset

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Digital Asset

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